Network Design


Network Design

As communications networks, whether land mobile radio (LMR), wireless or wireline, evolves it is important to have the proper network design for your current and future needs. Traditional linear network design techniques can no longer meet the needs of today's fast moving challenging environments, technologies and user needs. Add in mission-critical applications like NG-911, VoIP, video, mobile computing and other emerging technologies and the maze becomes even more difficult to design, manage and maintain.

HHW offers our customers it's expertise across the converged communications network landscape. Our staff has experience designing, running and redesigning 24/7/365 public and private sector networks where network downtime may mean the loss of property and/or life. This experience puts us in a unique position to address the new reality of today and the quickly evolving future state of these networks.

Governments, financial services firms, telecommunications and other firms have benefited from HHW's staff's expertise, innovation and commitment to excellence. If you would like to join these leading firms in positioning yourself for a successful future please contact us.

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