What We Do

These are just a few examples of the work our consultants have done recently. They highlight specific interventions and not the full range of our work over the years.

FCC Licensing Assistance

We worked with a government agency whose FCC license had expired and another user licensed on top of them. We quickly got the agency authorization to operate on the frequencies in the original license. We then worked with the frequency coordinators and other licensees to get the agency re-licensed for operations without interference.

IT Strategy

We worked with a public safety agency to define an EOC interoperability project. We identified the technology to be used and developed the overall planning documents including a concept of operations plan.

Narrow banding Consulting

We assisted various public safety agencies in ensuring that their licenses were narrowband compliant. During the process of these projects we also identified various compliance issues that we also assisted in addressing.

Emergency Communications Plans

We assisted in the development of a regional emergency communications plan to provide interoperability amongst various agencies using the technologies and equipment that they had in place. This included in the completion of ICS 205 forms and holding a communications briefing meeting.

Website Development

We developed a website that help to reduce the number of calls to a local police department. This was accomplished by developing an engaging design based on usage statistics and integrating Twitter for traffic and other alerts. Web traffic at the site increase over 30 percent from the date of implementation.

What Our Customers are Saying
Sgt. Koenig

Rumson Borough Police Department

Fred Illg

Mobile Techtronics Inc.

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Nutley Volunteer Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc.

F. Travisano

Meadowlands Hospital EMS

Lt. Conrad Hablitz

Weehawken PD

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